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(Eric Koper) #1

Although Humidtropics no longer exists as a CGIAR Research Program on integrated systems in the humid tropics, this site was created for those that engage in integrated systems research irrespective of program, location, affiliation, etc. What binds us is the understanding that most farmers in the tropics produce various commodities such as cassava, maize, rice, pigs, poultry and vegetables on their farms and also often engage in other aspects of various value chains such as processing and marketing. They are often part of a wider community and influenced by political, financial, technological, social, religious and cultural systems in which they make their living and live their lives. In addition to commodity specific research there is thus also a need for looking at the system as a whole. This community tries to share tools, methods, approaches, findings, ideas, etc. to better research and support such integrated aystems. Your participation is thus essential as we believe it to be the key to success by better understanding demand and supply of technical and social solutions that improve these systems and result in better practiices, more income and food, and with care for the environment. So start posting and commenting. Thank you!

(ksriramesh) #2

Eric, Thanks for reminding us that Humidtropics is well and alive albeit in a different form. Given my social science background, I am particularly heartened that in your above message you mention the key role that political, cultural, social and religious factors play in the lives of farmers that compels us to look at “systems” as being more holistic in nature than just agricultural science and related supply chains. I am happy to share with this community, inputs from my stream of research on these variables and their impact on farmers. Best wishes and Thanks!

(Eric Koper) #3

Thank you Sriramesh for the valuable response. The challenge for any community of practice is to engage. As such it may be useful to use this particular discussion topic to solicit those that are interested to becoming a moderator for particular categories and those interested to lead particular discussion topics. So if interested please reply to this topic by indicating interest to be a moderator (indicate category(ies)) and/or discussion leader (indicate topic(s) you may want to initiate).