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Cow Donation Event Rwanda - Newsletter

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Humidtropics Rwanda Action site: Empowering farmers toward self-reliance in agricultural inputs

Humidtropics started in 2014 in the highlands of north western Rwanda, Karago sector in Kadahenda field site. This was chosen due to its multiple agricultural challenges that reportedly accentuated household poverty and malnutrition especially among children under five years. Some of the problems identified during Rapid Appraisal of Agricultural Innovation Systems (RAAIS) in Kadahenda were low potato productivity due to lack and inadequate use of agricultural inputs (potato seeds and fertilizer) as well as land degradation due to soil erosion.

After introduction of improved potato seeds as well as various fertilizer management technologies (inorganic fertilization and the use of agroforestry tree biomass) which were highly adopted by the members of Kadahenda Innovation platform (IP) as well as farmers of the neighboring villages, the platform is now engaged in potato seed production to ensure auto sufficiency and commercialization of potato seeds to farmers of the neighboring villages for increased household income.

Need for livestock integration for sustainable system productivity, eradication of malnutrition and reduction of poverty

Although much was achieved in line with the system productivity and natural resources management, the ecosystem remained poor in soil organic matter to sustain crop productivity. Besides, the region still faces the problem of malnutrition which needs to be tackled to ensure the population welfare. To address these issues, introduction of cows was found a candidate solution towards making production systems more sustainable and economically efficient as well as improving nutrition security. This is in line with the programme of One Cow per Poor Family initiated by His Excellency President Paul Kagame to accelerate poverty reduction and eradication of malnutrition through increased milk consumption and income, environmental protection, improving agricultural productivity through the use of manure as fertilizer and promoting unity and reconciliation among Rwandans based on the cultural principle that if a cow is given from one person to another, it establishes trust and respect between the giver and the beneficiary.

The attached Newsletter provides more insight into the Cow Donation Event.

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