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The news category includes any integrated systems research for development items of interest and also excerpts from the former Humidtropics website

Systems Research Products

Humidtropics organized an international marketplace event 15-17 November 2016 in where researchers shared their research products on integrated systems research for potential use in the new CGIAR Research Programs and others initiatives. You will find here the posters and powerpoints and other materials presented. Please share your comments on these with us.

Systems Analysis and Global Synthesis

How to set priorities for social and technical systems interventions that improve productivity, livelihoods, nutrition and environment?

Sustainable Systems Intensification

How to make Sustainable Systems Intensification (SI) more relevant to societal needs as in SI=S(GxMxE) where Genetic (G), Management (M) and Environment (E) interaction includes relevance to Society (S)?

Systems Innovation and Scaling

How to scale-out and scale-up promising systems innovations that benefit society and environment, considering changes in Culture, Policiy, Technology, Finance, Knowledge and other aspects that lead to better results ?

Crosscutting Systems Research

How to improve the effectiveness of integrated systems research from gender equity, youth employment, nutrition, and capacity development perspectives?

Integrated Systems Research Virtual Community

Humidtropics transits in 2016 from a CGIAR Research Program (CRP) to a Virtual Community of Practice (VCOP). Please participate actively in what should become the leading community on integrated systems research for development in the humid tropics of Africa, Asia and Americas.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.